Lipin & Nitasha - Proposal at Murrell Park at Grapevine Lake

Whenever I get the chance to play paparazzi, I'll take it. Of course, the chance is very much so planned in advance and usually only one person is surprised by my appearance.

Lipin contacted me back in November about capturing his surprise proposal to Nitasha. I immediately said 'yes!' because I love photographing proposals.

So we planned to meet at his first location, and after scoping out the area, it didn't feel it was exactly the space for their proposal. Right away, Murrell Park came to mind since it's a popular location for engagement, family & other types of photo sessions.

On the day of the proposal, Lipin booked the help of DFW Urban Picnics to set up a sweet little romantic picnic just for the two of them. As they approached the proposal area near the beach, I was able to hide down by the water and capture the moment perfectly without being noticed. Of course, Nitasha said 'yes!' and you can see the surprise in her face when Lipin proposed.

After a few moments of them soaking in all that just happened, we were met by Lipin's adorable german shepherd pup and grabbed a few snaps with him. Then we were able to squeeze in a care-free and candid engagement photo session, capturing all those happy and surreal feelings exchanged between the couple!

If you're on the hunt for a proposal photographer, whether in the Dallas area or out-of-state, I'd love to be there to capture your special moment. Contact me here and let's make it happen!