Emily & Kurt

If there's one venue that never gets old, it's The Emerson for me. It's probably the iconic little white chapel that gets me every time.

I also have to believe that only the kindest, sweetest couples book their wedding celebrations here, as that is all I've experienced when I've been here.

An autumn day filled with anticipation, sentimental exchanges and a love for the couple, you could feel the joy in the atmosphere on their wedding day. It was refreshing to witness the moment Emily and Kurt had their first look at the start of their ceremony, as you can see their desire to see each other was brimming just merely an hour before.

Some of my favorite moments of the wedding had to be the pouring of the champagne tower by the bride and groom, along with the toasts for the couple during reception, as you get to hear how truly loved they are by those closest to them. Truly a timeless and authentic wedding day.

The reception decor was also one of my faves to photograph! Nothing short of a perfect mix of modern influence and romantic autumn tones, intentionally placed throughout the floral arrangements.

The best way to end their celebration was witnessing them dance the night away with one of the best DJ's in the Dallas area! I loved being a part of their special day.

This wedding day was exclusively photographed for Maryn Elise Photography.