Hi, I am Marina Dekhtyar.

I was born overseas in the vast country of Ukraine & journeyed to the states at the ripe young age of four! I grew up in the beautiful ever gloomy & evergreen state of Washington. You can find me now soaking up all the rays in the sunny state of Texas!

It took me several years into my adulthood to realize my curiosity for photography started when I was about 10 years old. Growing up as the middle child of eight kids, I found myself reaching for a camera to photograph the most random but fun moments of my childhood.

I remember saving up all my pennies to purchase a one-time use film camera. When I discovered that my parents bought one of the latest & greatest battery-powered shiny cameras, I knew it was for me to learn what each button does and how a moment can be frozen in time.

I loved photographing my siblings playing in our backyard or would volunteer myself to making sure we had a group photo of my family, no matter what event was happening in our lives.

Life has a funny way of bringing us back full circle to our callings, don't you think? That's why I'm the absolute luckiest to have found my love for telling stories through my camera!